The irresistible rise of global anticapitalism



Here are the entire contents of the book in pdf format, for you to download, read and distribute. An earlier smaller 'taster' booklet, entitled Notes From Everywhere, produced in the summer of 2001, is also available here.

Front Cover

Opening photo essay

Title pages


Opening salvo


Chapter one

Emergence: an irresistible global uprising - Notes from Nowhere

Over the wall: so this is direct action!

Tomorrow begins today: invitation to an insurection

The Sans-Papiers: a woman draws the first lessons

The Sweatshop and the Ivory Tower

Reclaim the Streets: an arrow of hope

Direct Action: Street Reclaiming

Chapter two

Networks: the ecology of the movements - Notes from Nowhere

Dreaming of a Reality: Where the past and future meet the present

Death of a Zapatista

Direct Action: Affinity Groups

We Have the Time, You Have the Money: the French unemployed get busy

Peoples’ Global Action: the grassroots go global

Global Day of Action: Party and protests against ‘free trade’ and the WTO

Chapter three

Autonomy: creating spaces for freedom - Notes from Nowhere

Direct Action: Squatting Spaces

Cutting the Wire: the landless movement of Brazil

Cultivating Hope: the community gardens of New York City

Power Generation: the protest villages of Thailand

A Peace Message to the Public: words from the Assembly of the Poor

Direct Action: Guerrilla Gardening

Cremating Monsanto: genetically modified fields on fire

Life Is Not Business: the intercontinental caravan

Together We Start A Struggle: a speech by Brazil’s landless movement

Chapter four

Carnival: resistance is the secret of joy - Notes from Nowhere

Global Day of Action: J18 - Carnival Ambushes Capital

Dancing at the Edge of Chaos: a spanner in the works of global capitalism

Carnival of the Oppressed: resisting the oil occupation of the Niger delta

Direct Action:Disobedient Bodies

Global Day of Action: N30 - Shut Down the WTO

The Anticipated First

Not in Service: the tale of insurgent taxi drivers

Direct Action: Organizing Chaos

Infernal Noise: the soundtrack to insurrection

Indymedia: don’t hate the media, be the media

Direct Action: Culture Jamming

The Pranksters and the Golden Phallus: impersonating the WTO

Disobedience Is Happiness: the art of Mujeres Creando

Direct Action: The Pie’s the Limit

The Water Is Ours, Damnit! Cochabamba’s water wars

The Roquefort Rebellion

Global Day of Action: S26 - Balls to the IMF

It’s Got To Be Silver and Pink: on the road with Tactical Frivolity

A River Comes To Prague: solidarity from Narmada

Nice - If you could only breathe

Chapter five

Clandestinity: resisting state repression - Notes from Nowhere

Anarchists can fly

Civil Emergency: Zapatistas hit the road

Direct Action: Jail Solidarity

An April of Death: African students fight World Bank policies

Kenyan Students Resist the World Bank

Global Day of Action: A20 - FTAA, No Way! Quebec City

The Bridge at Midnight Trembles

Touching the Violence of the State

Global Day of Action: J20 - You are G8, We are 6 Billion

Genoa: the new beginnings of an old war

Assassini: the day after

Testimony of Terror

Will a death in the family breathe life into the movement?

Protecting the movement and its unity: a realistic approach

Direct Action: Action Medical

International Solidarity: accompanying ambulances in Palestine

Chapter six

Power: building it without taking it - Notes from Nowhere

Durban Social Forum Declaration

We Mekin Histri

The Altered Landscape: reflections on the effects of 9/11

We Discovered We Weren’t Alone: surfing the net in Papua New Guinea

N9 - WTO Retreats to the Desert

Pots, Pans, and Popular Power: neighbourhood assemblies of Buenos Aires

Direct Action: No Borders, No Nations

We are Human Beings: the Woomera breakout

Escape From Woomera

Direct Action: Dismantling War

It’s great we are everywhere, we thought we were quite alone

Forging links in Ozarow: Polish workers take back their factory

Direct Action: Solidarity and Sabotage

We’re nothing, we want to be everything: a tale of self-management

Fighting to win: the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

The Power of the Piqueteros: Argentina’s movement of unemployed workers

Global Day of Action: O12 - We Will Not be Recolonized

Between the broken and the built: power to the neighbourhoods

Chapter seven

Walking we ask questions - Notes from Nowhere

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Closing Photo Essay

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